SANTA’S STORY LAND is being supported by:


453 Broadway
Lorain, Ohio

November 24th – December 22nd, 2018

Saturday, November 24: 5:00PM – 9:00PM with the balloon man

Additional event dates and times

December 1, 8, 15 and 22 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Santaland will be open for visits with Santa and on December 8th he will be joined by Mr. Jingeling

Storyland will be open for crafts and storytelling.

     On December1 they will be joined by Mr.Jingeling and on December 22nd the Balloon man will make a return visit.



by Charlene Connors)

It was a month before Christmas
With so much to do.
But Santa was tired
And feeling so blue.

He gathered his elves
Around him and said,
“I have something to tell you
Something I dread.

“I’m losing my vigor,
I’m losing my vim.”
And all of the elves
Started shouting at him.

“You need a vacation.
You must take a trip.
That’s just what you need
To get back your zip.”

“They really are right,”
Chimed in Mrs. Claus.
“Your Christmas spirit
Is about to be lost.”

“Let’s spin the globe.
Let’s see where I’ll go.
My goodness it stopped
On Lorain, Ohio.”

So leaving the North Pole
And heading southwest
Over lake Erie
To the place we know best.

In Lorain Palace Theater
There were kids by the score.
Watching Christmas movies
And so much more.

The Lorain main Library
Caught Santa’s eye next.
He read books about Christmas
That he thought were the best.

He soon saw the Moore House
And to his delight
They were trimming the trees
With antique Christmas lights.

Carolers, Ice sculptures
A Nativity true
Plus a Holiday parade
Starring You Know Who!

More trees and trains
And skating on ice
Near Black River Landing
So pretty and nice.

A little bit tired
And still heading west
Santa saw an art gallery
And decided to rest.

He opened the door
And what did he see?
But a Storyland Christmas
And a Christmas Wish Tree.

The wishes were written
By Lorain girls and boys
Wishing for joy, peace
And a few special toys.

The International Princesses
In traditional dress
Were reading stories
To the Storyland guests.

“Here’s the spirit of Christmas
I have found it right here
In the City of Lorain
So to me it’s now clear.

“I will stay until Christmas
I will Light Up Lorain
Visit with the children
And shout this refrain.

‘Are you looking for Christmas?
You don’t have to look hard.
It’s here in Lorain
In you own backyard.

‘Our Light Up Lorain
Waterfront Winterfest
Has everything you wanted
In the place you know best.”

So hurry to Broadway
The Black River, too
Lorain’s Waterfront Winterfest
Is waiting for you.